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  • Jovani 158869 Short Dress on Sale
    Jovani 158869 in Stock This Jovani dress is the perfect one to wear to a Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, or  Formal Occasion! It is flirty with its sweetheart neckline, gorgeous with its chunky gemstone waistband and divalicious with its feather skirt! The whole dress from head to to is amazing! Originally $400, we have put this dress on sale for $300! It's a small price to pay for an authentic, gorgeous Designer Jovani dress!  We have this and many other Jovani Prom Dresses in Stock ! Browse through our website to discover even more Jovani Prom Dresses on sale ! Jovani 158869 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Purple: 2, 6, 10 Turquoise: 8 ..
    Jovani 6513 Long Prom Dress in Stock Sequins and elaborate embroidery cover  this gorgeous Jovani 6513 dress from head to toe!  The Eveving gown comes in a sweetheart cut neckline and cascades towards the gown into a mermaid gown shape beautifully. When looking through our Prom dresses on Sale and Prom Dresses in Stock, people's eyes usually fall onto a Jovani Evening Gown. So take a good look at Jovani 6513--as we will probably sell out soon since it is such a gem! ..
  • Mori Lee 8411 Long Dress on Sale
    Mori Lee 8411 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes FItted, long and elegant, the Mori Lee 8411 Long Dress is perfect for a Prom, Homecoming or Formal Event. The halter straps are slightly embellished and go downwards into the sweet heart cut top The bust area is surrounded with an embellished band, and from downwards on it turns into a ruched , fitted dress. The skirt part is full and lively and beautiful. Originally $290 we have put this lovely dress on sale for only $129!!! Mori Lee 8411 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes  Raspberry: 2, 4 Turquoise:4 Yellow: 4     ..
  • Mori Lee 86044 Long Gown on Sale
    Mori Lee Quinceanera Prom Dress Mori Lee prom dress on sale style # 86044 reg price $400. Our Price: $199 Turquoise : 14 ..
  • Primavera Short Prom Dress Primavera 9155 on sale   Size:  N/A  Color:   Aqua/Green sz 00   Aqua/Green sz 12   Aqua/Green sz 16   Aqua/Green sz 4   Aqua/Green sz 6   Aqua/Green sz 8   Fuchsia sz 10   ..
  • Sequined Cap Sleeve Dress by Sherri Hill 2814 on Sale
    SHERRI HILL 2814 PROM DRESS 2013 IN STOCK Sherri Hill Dress Style 2814 is the perfect short dress for any festive event, such as Prom, Homecoming , a wedding, your birthday, or just having a night out on the town with the girls!  The sequined and gemstone filled bodice is intricately and beautifully sown together to perfection! The fully lined skirt with a petticoat creates a very fun and bouncy effect that will keep you looking super savvy and super cute! We have placed this dress in our Prom Dresses on Sale Special Clearance Event!  The regular Price was $450. Now it's on sale for $399!! Wow, what an amazing deal you will be getting when you shop at Fiesta Prom! As always, at Fiesta Prom, we strive to give you the best the less! ..
  • Sherri Hill 1002 Short Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill 1002 in Stock  Oh my!! This Sherri Hill gown in style #1002 has been a major hit and comes in a variety of different colors!! It's flirty, bouncy and very classy all at the same time. At your Prom or Homecoming Event you can twirl and feel like a real live doll in this dress! We have seriously reduced the price for this gown so that you can have the best for less!!  Originally $300, we have put this dress on sale for ONLY $129! We currently have them in many wonderful colors ! Sherri Hill 1002 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Pink/Green/Mix : 2, 4, 6 , 8, 12, 16 Royal:10, 16 Black/Red: 10, 14, 16 Gold/Brown/Mix: 8, 12, 16 White/Black/Mix: 10, 12, 16 Royal/Turquoise/Mix: 16, 18 Red/Red: 16   ..
  • Sherri Hill 1043 Short Dress on Sale
      Sherri Hill 1043 in Stock  Sherri HIll 1043 is a dress that is fun, bright and beautifully crafted! This sleeveless dress has a sweetheart cut neckline that is perfect for every woman. The waist is fitted and adorned with colorful diamonds that extend from the front to the back in a unique and vine-like way. The rest of the dress is very full and extends outwards in a very elegant and fun way! You will feel like a princess and so happy and free in this dress when you wear it to the Prom or your Homecoming events! Originally $350 , we have marked down the price to only  $150!!       ..
    $199.99 $350.00
  • Sherri Hill 1429 Dress
    Sherri Hill 1429 Short Prom Dress On Sale This Sherri Hill 1429 dress is electrifying ! You can show off those sexy legs to the world in this thigh-length dress decorated with shiny beads and edgy crystals that create a unique "shattered glass" effect ! When you walk into your Prom or Homecoming event, you will set the room on fire. Sherri Hill 1429  in Stock : Colors and Sizes in Stock White/Silver: 0, 2, 4, 6, 18 Red: 0, 4, 8, 14, 16, 18 Gold: 0, 2, 4, 6 Gunmetal: 6, 14, 16 Aqua/Silver:10 Black: 2, 4   Royal: 0, 2, 4, 6, 10, 16 ..
  • Sherri Hill 1466 Dress on Sale
    Sherri HIll 1466 in Stock   This Sherri Hill 1466 Dress is a funky, beautiful dress perfect for the Prom or Homecoming event this year! It has an edgy look to it with the flaired skirt and sharply cut bodice with sequins and diamonds inserted throughout it. The colors that Sherri Hil 1466 comes in also gives that dress an extra "wow" factor as they are bright, strong and unapologetic colors---just like you! Originally priced at $550, we have placed this dress on sale for $350--wow, what a deal! Sherri Hill 1466 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Purple: 4 Light Blue: 0, 2, 6, 8 Aqua Green: 4, 6, 8, 12 Royal: 4, 8   ..
  • Sherri Hill 21036 Prom Evening Gown
    Sherri Hill 21036 Long Evening Dress . Our Price $650.    Sherri Hill 21036 Long Evening Gown in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Nude: 2, 6 Light Blue: 16     ..
    Sherri Hill 21058 Long Prom Dress 2013 Your long  search for the perfect Sherri Hill Prom Dress, Sherri Hill Evening Dress and Sherri Hill Long Dress has ended with Sherri Hill 21058! This Sherri Hill Dress is a lovely mermaid style dress that is the definition of style and sohphistication! From the strapless sweet heart cut neckline the dress extends downwards and explodes into a Mermaid Flare towards the bottom of the dress. The entire bodice is covered in beautiful lace and sequin decorations on top! The mermaid flare at the bottom is the perfect finishing touch! At Fiesta Prom we specialize in carrrying the best Sherri Hill Dresses for our customers at only the best prices! So rest assured that you will look amazing for your special event because we have these..
    SHERRI HILL 21168 PROM DRESS 2013 IN STOCK You will look ravishingly beautiful in this Sherri Hill 21168 gown! This Sherri Hill Long Evening Dress has the look of a ballroom gown, a highly decorated bodice in sequins and rhinestones, and the most exciting part--the Hi-Low cut! From the back it looks like an ordinary extravagant ball room gown, but the front is an amazing twist on an old idea!  Everyone know if they need a gorgeous, expressive dress, they need to browse through Sherri Hill Evening Dresses and Sherri Hill Prom Dresses! We carry this Sherri Hill Dress in the colors of Black, Nude and Aqua!  When it comes time for your Prom, Formal, Graduation or other special event, you will be glad that you purchased the Sherri Hill 21168 evening dress! Sherri Hill 21168..
    $275.00 $550.00
  • Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress On sale. Regular Price $350. Our Price $129!!!
    Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress in Stock Sherri Hill 2304 is the perfect dress for your Prom 2013, Prom 2014 or Homecoming event! It's short, exciting and exotic! There are many beautiful coins sown into the material of the dress to give it an authentic Middle Eastern look! When you shimmy on the dance floor everyone will be amazed and all your right assests will be exaggerated in the best way possible! Originally $350, we have put this dress on sale for only $175!!! Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Orange/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 8 Aqua/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 8 White/Gold: Sizes: 10 Turquoise/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 10 Lilac/Silver: Sizes: 0, 4, 6, 8, 10 Gunmetal/Silver: Sizes:14 Nude/Silver: Sizes: 14 ..
  • Sherri Hill 3804 Dress
    Sherri Hill 3804 in Stock You will look like a real Hollywood Starlet in this Sherri Hill 3804 Short Dress! It's impeccably perfect decorated bodice and smoothly feather-based skirt beckons you to the Golden Age of Hollywood Actresses whom historically had the flare for dramatic and glamorous looks! We currently carry this style stunning colors! Everyone will be raving about Sherri Hill 3804 when you waltz in wearing it to your Prom or Homecoming or other Special Event! Sherri Hill 3804 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Black/Gold: 0, 4 Aqua/Gold: 0, 4, 12 ..
  • Short Sequined  Dress by Sherri Hill 2760 On Sale
    Sherri Hill 2760 in Stock  This Sherri Hill 2760 Dress is what you have been looking for to wow the crowds at your upcoming Prom and Homecoming events! This dress fits you like a glove and is heavyily sequined so that you will look perfect! It's short length gives you a chance to show off your legs and the sleeveless sweet heart cut neckline shows off your beautiful arms in the best way! You will dazzle near and from afar in Sherri Hill 2760--your pefect dress has arrived! Sherri Hill 2760 in Stock: Colors and Sizes Available Gold: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 18 Red: 0, 6, 10, 18 Royal: 6, 14 Silver: 10, 12 Turquoise: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 20 ..
  • Studio 17 26626 Long Prom Gown on Sale
    Studio 17 26626 Long Prom Gown on Sale Orange : 6, 8 Turquoise: 8 ..
  • Stunning Shattered Mirror Glass Designed Short Dress by Sherri Hill 1403 on Sale
    Sherri Hill 1403 in Stock The Sherri Hill 1403 Short Dress is a thrilling piece! On the bodice is featured a beautifully created "shattered glass" effect that is edgy, raw and so in! The bodice is fitted as well so that your curves will be seen, and the skirt is perfectly crafted to fit any personality! You will feel like a strong, beautiful and funky girl when you wear this dress to your Prom, Homecoming or other Special Events! So rock it out!    Sherri Hill 1403 in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Gold: 6, 8 Aqua: 8 Red: 4, 10, 12 Royal: 10, 16 White/Silver: 0, 2, 4, 6 Black/Silver: 18 Silver: 6, 10, 14 Gunmetal: 4, 10, 12       ..
    $350.00 $450.00
  • Tiffany 16817 Long Gown on Sale
    Tiffany Long Prom Dress Tiffany prom dress on sale style # 16829 reg price $480. Our Price: $270.00   Size:  N/A  Color:   Lilac sz 12   Lilac sz 6   Turq sz 12   ..
  • Tiffany 16829 Long Gown on Sale
    Tiffany Long Prom Dress Tiffany prom dress on sale style # 16829 reg price $480   Black/Green sz 2   Black/Green sz 6   Black/Turq sz 8   ..
  • Tony Bowls 113500
    Tony Bowls Long Dresses Style Number 113500 ..
  • Tony Bowls Shorts TS11254
    Tony Bowls Shorts TS11254 ..
  • Tony Bowls Shorts TS11256
    Tony Bowls Shorts TS11256 ..
  • Tony Bowls Shorts TS11257
    Tony Bowls Shorts TS11257 ..
  • Tony Bowls Shorts TS11271
    Tony Bowls Short Dresses TS11271 ..
  • Tony Bowls Shorts TS11277
    Tony Bowls Shorts TS11277 ..
  • Tony Bowls Shorts TS21209
    Tony Bowls Shorts TS21209 ..
  • SHERRI HILL 11020 PROM DRESS 50% Off!!
    Sherri Hill 11020 Long Prom Dress 2013   Sherri Hill 11020 is the dress you have been looking for--it's an elegant, fun Hi-Lo dress that makes you look fabulous! The bodice is cut on top in the ever glorious sweet heart style. The corset- style bodice is beaded with rhinestones and crystals that extend throughout all the way to the waist line area. Beyond the crystal-highlighted waistline of the bodice is a short skirt that stops exactly where it should in true Hi-Lo fashion! Then comes the "Lo" part of this lovely dress--as a long , pleated skirt extends from the waistline all the way down to the floor in true graceful form! The Hi-Lo effect is an extra plus to a truly gorgeous dress! So if you need prom dresses, formal dresses, sweet sixteen dresses or party dre..
    $340.00 $680.00