For your Prom 2013, Prom 2014 , Sherri Hill Prom Dresses are your one stop best bet to look good without even trying too hard!  Sherri Hill Prom Dresses are perfect for any girl from any walk of life! At FiestaProm.com we have V-neck Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Sleeveless Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Sequined Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Short Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Long Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Chiffon Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Silk Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Lace Sherri Hill Prom Dresses and more! You will love the way you look when you buy Sherri Hill Prom Dresses from FiestaProm.com!

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  •  Sherri Hill 8421 , Prom Dresses on Sale , in Stock 50% Off!
    Sherri Hill 8421 in Stock  This Sherri Hill 8421 short dress is a midcalf-length treat made of a lovely mesh that combines well with your skin tone ! Also the dress is decorated with a glorious spray of many , many sequins! It not only looks like you are wearing a work of art--YOU will look like you ARE a work of art!!! Wear this special dress for your Prom Night , your Homecoming Event, or just because you want to look fabulous!    Sherri Hill 8421 in Stock: Colors and Sizes Ivory/Gold/Silver: 0, 2, 4 Nude/Gold/Silver: 2 ..
  • Sequined Cap Sleeve Dress by Sherri Hill 2814 on Sale
    SHERRI HILL 2814 PROM DRESS 2013 IN STOCK Sherri Hill Dress Style 2814 is the perfect short dress for any festive event, such as Prom, Homecoming , a wedding, your birthday, or just having a night out on the town with the girls!  The sequined and gemstone filled bodice is intricately and beautifully sown together to perfection! The fully lined skirt with a petticoat creates a very fun and bouncy effect that will keep you looking super savvy and super cute! We have placed this dress in our Prom Dresses on Sale Special Clearance Event!  The regular Price was $450. Now it's on sale for $399!! Wow, what an amazing deal you will be getting when you shop at Fiesta Prom! As always, at Fiesta Prom, we strive to give you the best the less! ..
  • Sherri Hill  2798 Short Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill 2798 in Stock   Prepare to take over the dance floor when you walk out wearing Sherri Hill 2798! This fitted midcalf dress is just what you need for your Prom and Homecoming events! The dress is made out of a bed of sequins that do not fail to shine and glisten  when the light hits it at every angle! The dress also is so fitted that your figure will look amazing! We slashed the price on this dress, originally $370 now it's on sale for only $149! We carry this dress in a variety and colors and sizes so you can get a dress in a different color for multiple events! Sherri Hill 2798 is defintely a great dress to have in your closet for any special occasion! Sherri Hill 2798 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Blue/Multi: 4 Fuschia/Multi: 4 ..
  • Sherri Hill 1106 Short Prom Dress on Sale
    SHERRI HILL PROM DRESS Sherri Hill 1106 Prom Dress in Stock reg price $400. Black Red : Sizes: 0, 10, 14   ..
    $299.99 $400.00
  • Sherri Hill 1124
    Sherri Hill Style Number 1124 Sherri Hill Long Dress On Sale ..
    $199.00 $398.00
  • Sherri Hill 1228
    Sherri Hill 1228 ..
  • Sherri Hill 1450
    Sherri Hill 1450 in Stock   Sleek, short and fitted, this Sherri HIll 1450 is perfect for any occasion! Whether you need Prom Dresses on Sale, Sherri Hill Prom Dresses on Sale, Party Dresses , or that litlte black/gold/silver/gunmetal dress, Sherri Hill 1450 does it all for you! We have many more Sherri Hill Dresses on Sale   Sherri Hill 1450 in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Gunmetal: 4, 6 Black: 2 Platinum: 8 Gold: 8, 18 ..
  • SHERRI HILL 1540 PROM DRESS  50% Off!!!
    Sherri Hill 1540 Long Prom Dress This Sherri Hill 1540 is a gorgeous one -sleeved gown, bedazzled in black diamonds on a nude colored mesh! It's the perfect piece for a stylish and elegant woman!  The one-sleeve feature and side body panel on this gown is made of a nude mesh color that is decoramted in black diamonds. The best thing about when you purchase Sherri Hill Prom Dresses , Sherri Hill Evening Dresses and Sherri Hill Cocktail dresses is that you rest assured when you walk into a room that all eyes will be on you! We are selling this also with dresses for Prom 2014 . If you are looking for Prom Dresses on Sale, you have come to the right place! We have many Sherri Hill Dresses in stock and ready to ship! Sherri Hill 1540 Long Prom/Evening Dress in Stock: A..
    $325.00 $650.00
    Sherri Hill 1597 Long Prom Dress 2013 You will look and feel like a true Egyptian Goddess in this Sherri Hill 1597 dress!  Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Sherri Hill Evening Dresses and Sherri Hill Cocktail Dresses get more and more gorgeous each year! The collar is heavily embellished and the design is extended to back of the gown, creating a beautifully sculpted view of your back! The long gown extends calmly to the ground in an effortless, uncomplicated way. This Sherri Hill Evening Dress spells elegance with a capital E! We carry this elegant  Sherri Hill evening Dress in the colors of Black/Gold and Ivory/Gold! We have reduced the price as well--it's a steal at this price! We also have many other Sherri Hill Evening Dresses on Sale, Sherri Hill Prom Dresses o..
    $350.00 $450.00
  • Sherri Hill 2012
    Sherri Hill Style Number 2012 Sherri Hill Long Dress On Sale ..
    $199.00 $399.00
  • Sherri Hill 2027
    Sherri Hill Style Number 2027 ..
  • Sherri Hill 21036 Prom Evening Gown
    Sherri Hill 21036 Long Evening Dress . Our Price $650.    Sherri Hill 21036 Long Evening Gown in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Nude: 2, 6 Light Blue: 16     ..
    Sherri Hill 21058 Long Prom Dress 2013 Your long  search for the perfect Sherri Hill Prom Dress, Sherri Hill Evening Dress and Sherri Hill Long Dress has ended with Sherri Hill 21058! This Sherri Hill Dress is a lovely mermaid style dress that is the definition of style and sohphistication! From the strapless sweet heart cut neckline the dress extends downwards and explodes into a Mermaid Flare towards the bottom of the dress. The entire bodice is covered in beautiful lace and sequin decorations on top! The mermaid flare at the bottom is the perfect finishing touch! At Fiesta Prom we specialize in carrrying the best Sherri Hill Dresses for our customers at only the best prices! So rest assured that you will look amazing for your special event because we have these..
    Sherri Hill 21060 Long Prom Dress 2013 The clothng lines of Sherri Hill 2013 Prom Dresses  and Sherri Hill 2014 Prom Dresses are gorgeous and stunning.Sherri Hill 21060 is an elegant fantasy dream! This mermaid style dress has a shapely , highly embellished sequined bodice and a gracefully flowing long black skirt that looks like you are gliding across the dance floor! Mysterious, Elegant and Curvacious--what more could you want from the PERFECT gown?!! You will look amazng if you wear Sherri Hill 21060 as a Prom Dress, Graduation Dress, Evening Dress or as the perfect dress for your special occasion! We have all Sherri Hill Dresses in Stock and waiting to ship so please feel free to place your order right away! Measured from waist to hem, this strapless ensemble..
    $375.00 $650.00
  • Sherri Hill 21081 Prom Dress
    Sherri Hill 21081 New 2013 Long Prom Dress on Sale   This New 2013 Sherri Hill Gown is pure heaven on earth!! It’s a long length gown in a nude/neutral color that sparkles with its many, many huge gemstone decorations! There is a thigh-high slit on the side that makes your body look even more amazing–and the material is so light and fluid that it will float behind you when you walk like a beautiful train ! Oh my goodness. Many people will hold their breathe in awe when they see you walk in wearing  Sherri Hill 21081!! Featured here is the wonderful color combination of Nude/Royal! You will be the star of the Prom , Homecoming or any Special Event that you have to attend soon! This Sherri Hill 21081 long dress has been a very popular and well sought after dress for our ..
    Sherri Hill 21117 Long Prom Dress 2013 Sherri Hill 21117 is a gorgeous piece from the Sherri Hill Prom Dresses and Sherri Hill Evening Dresses Collection. This Sherri Hill Dress plays a lot with nude mesh to give your body a gorgeous illusion of being covered  in the bodice area with gemstones! It comes with a high neckline crafted out of nude material and gemstones that bring your body to life! From the waist down is a gorgeous, ruffled Hi-Lo skirt that makes you glow! Have a Prom coming up soon? A Graduation? A Formal? A Dance? Homecoming? Well you will find all you need when you come to Sherri Hill Dresses for that IT dress!  Sherri Hill 21117 in Stock:  Copper/Multi: 0, 2, 4, 6 ..
    $499.00 $998.00
    Sherri Hill 21132 Long Prom Dress 2013 ..
    SHERRI HILL 21168 PROM DRESS 2013 IN STOCK You will look ravishingly beautiful in this Sherri Hill 21168 gown! This Sherri Hill Long Evening Dress has the look of a ballroom gown, a highly decorated bodice in sequins and rhinestones, and the most exciting part--the Hi-Low cut! From the back it looks like an ordinary extravagant ball room gown, but the front is an amazing twist on an old idea!  Everyone know if they need a gorgeous, expressive dress, they need to browse through Sherri Hill Evening Dresses and Sherri Hill Prom Dresses! We carry this Sherri Hill Dress in the colors of Black, Nude and Aqua!  When it comes time for your Prom, Formal, Graduation or other special event, you will be glad that you purchased the Sherri Hill 21168 evening dress! Sherri Hill 21168..
    $275.00 $550.00
  • Sherri Hill 21169 Prom Evening Dress on Sale.
    Sherri Hill 21169 Long Prom Dress in Stock   Style 21169 is a luxurious, long beautiful gown with a simple but gorgeous look to it.  The gown is loose and flowing with the exception of the heavily embroidered waistband.  This strapless gown gives you freedom in your arms and also covers any part of your body that you may be having issues with---all anyone sees is a smoothly, beautifully shaped figure! We currently carry this style in the glorious colors of  Light Blue/Aqua, Pink/Coral, Yellow/yellow.     Sherri Hill 21169 Long Prom Dress in Stock:Available Colors and Sizes Light Blue/ Aqua: Size : 6; 8; 10; 12; 14; 16   Pink/Coral: Size: 2; 4; 6; 8; 10; 12; 14; 16   Yellow/Yellow: Size: 2; 4; 6; 8;..
    $450.00 $650.00
  • Sherri Hill 2226
    Sherri Hill Style Number 2226 ..
    $250.00 $350.00
  • Sherri Hill 2249
  • Sherri HIll 2250
    Sherri Hill 2250 Sherri Hil Short Dress On Sherri Hill 2250 in Stock    Sherri Hill Dress 2250 is a softly beautiful dress with pretty flowers decorating its skirt and two-toned layering. It's expressive, artistic and great to wear to a Prom orHomecoming Event . Originally $350, we are now selling this beautiful dress for only $150!! This is not our only Sherri Hill Dress on Sale, we have many more Sherri Hill Dresses on Sale!     Sherri Hill 2250 in Stock Purple/Multi: Sizes : 0, 2, 14  Pink/Multi: Sizes: 6  Aqua/Multi: Sizes: 16  Green/Multi: Sizes: 6   ..
  • Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress On sale. Regular Price $350. Our Price $129!!!
    Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress in Stock Sherri Hill 2304 is the perfect dress for your Prom 2013, Prom 2014 or Homecoming event! It's short, exciting and exotic! There are many beautiful coins sown into the material of the dress to give it an authentic Middle Eastern look! When you shimmy on the dance floor everyone will be amazed and all your right assests will be exaggerated in the best way possible! Originally $350, we have put this dress on sale for only $175!!! Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Orange/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 8 Aqua/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 8 White/Gold: Sizes: 10 Turquoise/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 10 Lilac/Silver: Sizes: 0, 4, 6, 8, 10 Gunmetal/Silver: Sizes:14 Nude/Silver: Sizes: 14 ..
  • Sherri Hill 2408
  • Sherri HIll 2535 on Sale
    Sherri Hill Dress 2535 is a dress that is fit for a Cabaret or a Broadway Show! It's the epitome of being a show girl with the glitzy triangular shaped decorations in the bodice that are bedazzled with tiny gemstones and the frilly layered skirt that shows off your beautiful legs! It's a sexy, short fabulous dress--perfect for wearing to any event, including your Prom orHomecoming Event !! Originally $450, now it is on sale for $199! This is not our only Sherri Hill Dress on sale, we have many more Sherri Hill Dresses on sale! Sherri Hill 2535 in Stock Red/Black: Sizes: 6,8, 12, 14 Ivory: Sizes: 8    ..
  • Sherri Hill 2771 Prom Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill Prom Dress on Sale Style # 2771 ..
  • Sherri Hill 2866 Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill 2866 in Stock    Sherri Hill 2866 is an intriguing and beautiful Gladiator-inspired dress! The bodice is  corset that is embellished and sharply cut. The sweetheart cut neckline brings feminity into the look effortlessly. The skirt is made out of a layered type of mesh that most defintely echoes war armor.Yet the skirt also is high cut showing off your lovely legs! It's a unique twist on armor with a sexy, feminine touch to it. You will be strong, beautiful and bold at your Prom/ Homecoming event, or any event that you need to dress up for ! We have slashed the prices down for this dress. Originally $750 , we have slashed the price down to $550! You great a great deal for a great dress, so what are you waiting for ? Let your strong  beauty sh..
  • Sherri HIll 3402
    Sherri Hill Short Prom Dress On Sale ..
  • Sherri Hill 4202
    Sherri Hill Style Number 4202 Sherri Hill Long Dress On Sale ..
  • Sherri Hill 7330
    Sherri Hill Style Number 7330   This dress is so sophisticated yet earthy at the same time that it defies sooo many odds and deserves a place in every woman's wardrobe!! Originally for $398, we at Fiesta Prom have gone through great lengths to make this more affordable to the everyday woman and we have reduced the price significantly to only $199!! This is the perfect Prom Dress or Homecoming Dress for the Urban but stylish girl! Sherri Hill 73330 Long Dress On Sale: Available Colors and Sizes Print: Sizes: 2, 4, 6 ..
  • Sherri Hill 8422
  • Sherri Hill 8506 Long Prom Dress in Stock
    Sherri Hill 8506 Long Prom Dress in Stock This gorgeous Sherri Hill 8506  A-Line  Evening Dress will be a sure fired hit wherever you wear it! It all starts with the dazzling bodice that has a one-strap feature a-la  roman times! Then the sequin covered bodice is met with a heavyily jewel embellished waistband that speaks volumes and glistens from away! From the waistband downward the evening dress is delcately sprinkled with sequins and falls gracefully straight to the ground. When looking for Prom Dresses in Stock, many ladies are happy to discover Sherri Hill 8506! It's a very classical styled, modest and gorgeous evening dress! But we have many more evening dresses on sale, prom dresses on sale and prom dresses in stock to choose from on our website! So please con..
    $375.00 $550.00
  • Sherri Hill 21091 Prom Dress ON SALE!
    Sherri Hill 21091 New 2013 Long Dress in Stock With a bedazzled bodice and a ballroom gown skirt, this New Sherri Hill 2013    Prom Dress 21091 is perfect for any formal occasion that you attend! The gemstones are very large and pronounced in all the right places and they dazzle from miles and miles away! Its the one thing that you will always need if you want to be the IT girl at any event. The slightly ruffled hem of the lacey skirt is an extra touch of sophistication...what more could you ask for! We currently carry this color in Nude/Aqua ! This dress was a major hit this season so we are continuning to keep it in stock for our Sherri Hill 2014 Collection inventory this year! Customers have purchased this dress from us in the USA, Canada,   Brazil, Austr..
    $499.00 $750.00
  • SHERRI HILL 1554 PROM DRESS 50% Off!!
    Sherri Hill 1554  Long Prom Dress 2013 With Fiesta Prom you can purchase the best Sherri Hill Prom Dresses,  Sherri Hill Evening Dresses and more for affordable prices! Sherri Hill 1554 is a gorgeous evening dress that is  real treat!! You literally shimmer from head to toe in this spetacular fitted gown! The entire gown is embellished with dazzling beads from the exquisite high collar piece all the way down! Pure perfection! The slinky A-Line design of the beaded evening dress hugs your body gracefully . Sherri Hill 1554 is a popular Sherri Hill Prom Dress and we have this and more Sherri Hill Dresses in stock and ready to ship! We currently carry this dress in the yummy colors of Candy Pink and Aqua/Silver!   Sherri Hill 1554 Long Evening Dres..
    $399.00 $798.00
  • SHERRI HILL 11020 PROM DRESS 50% Off!!
    Sherri Hill 11020 Long Prom Dress 2013   Sherri Hill 11020 is the dress you have been looking for--it's an elegant, fun Hi-Lo dress that makes you look fabulous! The bodice is cut on top in the ever glorious sweet heart style. The corset- style bodice is beaded with rhinestones and crystals that extend throughout all the way to the waist line area. Beyond the crystal-highlighted waistline of the bodice is a short skirt that stops exactly where it should in true Hi-Lo fashion! Then comes the "Lo" part of this lovely dress--as a long , pleated skirt extends from the waistline all the way down to the floor in true graceful form! The Hi-Lo effect is an extra plus to a truly gorgeous dress! So if you need prom dresses, formal dresses, sweet sixteen dresses or party dre..
    $340.00 $680.00
    SHERRI HILL 1565 PROM DRESS 2013 IN STOCK With a regal embellished collar and a full length dress Sherri Hill 1565 is the ultimate Prom Dress and Formal Dress! Sherri Hill Prom Dresses , Sherri Hill Evening Dresses and Sherri Hill Formal Dresses are always  a great way to go if you need a gorgeous gown for your special event! At Fiesta Prom we have many Sherri Hill Prom Dresses in Stock , Sherri Hill Prom Dresses on sale and more gorgeous Prom Dresses in Stock! You will always be satisified when you shop with www.FiestaProm.com! Sherri Hill 1565 in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Lilac: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Yellow: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 Pink:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Aqua: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ..
    $499.00 $750.00