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Short Sequin Prom Dresses,  Short Sequin Homecoming Dresses, Short Sequin Party Dresses--we've got it all at FiestaProm.com! We know what you girls want--you want Prom Dresses on Sale that will make you shine bright like a diamond! You want Short Sequin Dresses that will glitter and shine from afar! You want to want into all parties wearing gorgegous sequin dresses that dazzle everyone around you and make you look amazing too! We've got some of the best designers out there too to help you find your IT dress--we have Sherri Hill Short Sequin Dresses in Stock, Jovani Short Sequin Dresses in Stock, Tony Bowls Short Sequin Dresses in Stock , Mori Lee Short Sequin Dresses in Stock, Terani Short Sequin Dresses in Stock. Primavera Short Sequin Dresses in Stock and more! You will find your Prom 2014 dress or sequin party dress here, at FiestaProm.com ! 

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  •  Sherri Hill 8421 , Prom Dresses on Sale , in Stock 50% Off!
    Sherri Hill 8421 in Stock  This Sherri Hill 8421 short dress is a midcalf-length treat made of a lovely mesh that combines well with your skin tone ! Also the dress is decorated with a glorious spray of many , many sequins! It not only looks like you are wearing a work of art--YOU will look like you ARE a work of art!!! Wear this special dress for your Prom Night , your Homecoming Event, or just because you want to look fabulous!    Sherri Hill 8421 in Stock: Colors and Sizes Ivory/Gold/Silver: 0, 2, 4 Nude/Gold/Silver: 2 ..
    Jovani 5950 Short Prom Dress  in Stock Short and Fabulous this Jovani 5950 Short Prom Dress is the IT dress to be seen in! Whether hitting up your Prom 2014 or going to the club with the girls--this dress can do it all! The Jovani 5950 dress has a high key hole neckline , long sleeves and a mid calf dress length. There are multi-toned sequins that give it that extra pow of fabulousness and will glow in the dark!1 Whether you need prom dresses on sale, party dresses on sale or short dresses on sale--Jovani 5950 is a great dress for you! ..
  • Scala 14185 Short  Prom on Sale
      Scala 14185 Short Prom Dress in Stock. Regular Price $200, our Price $129   Fitted, sequined and glamarous this Scala 14185 is an EXCELLENT choice for that night out on the town or that special occasion. It is the Little Black Dress that you have been looking for! Scala 14185 Short Prom Dress : Available Sizes and Colors Black: SIzes: 0, 6   ..
  • Scala 14201 Short Prom Dress on Sale
    Scala 14201 Short Prom Dress on Sale   This Scala 14201 dress is just the one that you have been looking for to hit the clubs in ! With a fitted bodice and gorgeous sequins, you will be happy that you made this purchase!   Scala 14201 Short Prom Dress in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Gold: 6, 8 Grey: 6, 8 ..
  • Scala 47105 Short Prom Dress on Sale
      Scala 47105 Short Prom Dress on Sale Need an ultimate party dress , well you found it here at FiestaProm.com! Scala 47105 is a sequined, fitted dress that gets the party started the moment you walk in! Scala 47105 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Gold: 8, 10 Red: 6, 8   ..
  • Sherri Hill  2798 Short Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill 2798 in Stock   Prepare to take over the dance floor when you walk out wearing Sherri Hill 2798! This fitted midcalf dress is just what you need for your Prom and Homecoming events! The dress is made out of a bed of sequins that do not fail to shine and glisten  when the light hits it at every angle! The dress also is so fitted that your figure will look amazing! We slashed the price on this dress, originally $370 now it's on sale for only $149! We carry this dress in a variety and colors and sizes so you can get a dress in a different color for multiple events! Sherri Hill 2798 is defintely a great dress to have in your closet for any special occasion! Sherri Hill 2798 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Blue/Multi: 4 Fuschia/Multi: 4 ..
  • Sherri Hill 1450
    Sherri Hill 1450 in Stock   Sleek, short and fitted, this Sherri HIll 1450 is perfect for any occasion! Whether you need Prom Dresses on Sale, Sherri Hill Prom Dresses on Sale, Party Dresses , or that litlte black/gold/silver/gunmetal dress, Sherri Hill 1450 does it all for you! We have many more Sherri Hill Dresses on Sale   Sherri Hill 1450 in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Gunmetal: 4, 6 Black: 2 Platinum: 8 Gold: 8, 18 ..
  • Sherri Hill 2226
    Sherri Hill Style Number 2226 ..
    $250.00 $350.00
  • Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress On sale. Regular Price $350. Our Price $129!!!
    Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress in Stock Sherri Hill 2304 is the perfect dress for your Prom 2013, Prom 2014 or Homecoming event! It's short, exciting and exotic! There are many beautiful coins sown into the material of the dress to give it an authentic Middle Eastern look! When you shimmy on the dance floor everyone will be amazed and all your right assests will be exaggerated in the best way possible! Originally $350, we have put this dress on sale for only $175!!! Sherri Hill 2304 Short Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Orange/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 8 Aqua/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 8 White/Gold: Sizes: 10 Turquoise/Silver: Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 10 Lilac/Silver: Sizes: 0, 4, 6, 8, 10 Gunmetal/Silver: Sizes:14 Nude/Silver: Sizes: 14 ..
  • Sherri Hill 2408
  • Sherri HIll 2535 on Sale
    Sherri Hill Dress 2535 is a dress that is fit for a Cabaret or a Broadway Show! It's the epitome of being a show girl with the glitzy triangular shaped decorations in the bodice that are bedazzled with tiny gemstones and the frilly layered skirt that shows off your beautiful legs! It's a sexy, short fabulous dress--perfect for wearing to any event, including your Prom orHomecoming Event !! Originally $450, now it is on sale for $199! This is not our only Sherri Hill Dress on sale, we have many more Sherri Hill Dresses on sale! Sherri Hill 2535 in Stock Red/Black: Sizes: 6,8, 12, 14 Ivory: Sizes: 8    ..
  • Sherri Hill 2771 Prom Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill Prom Dress on Sale Style # 2771 ..
  • Sherri Hill 2815
  • Sherri Hill 2866 Dress on Sale
    Sherri Hill 2866 in Stock    Sherri Hill 2866 is an intriguing and beautiful Gladiator-inspired dress! The bodice is  corset that is embellished and sharply cut. The sweetheart cut neckline brings feminity into the look effortlessly. The skirt is made out of a layered type of mesh that most defintely echoes war armor.Yet the skirt also is high cut showing off your lovely legs! It's a unique twist on armor with a sexy, feminine touch to it. You will be strong, beautiful and bold at your Prom/ Homecoming event, or any event that you need to dress up for ! We have slashed the prices down for this dress. Originally $750 , we have slashed the price down to $550! You great a great deal for a great dress, so what are you waiting for ? Let your strong  beauty sh..
  • Sherri Hill 3804 Dress
    Sherri Hill 3804 in Stock You will look like a real Hollywood Starlet in this Sherri Hill 3804 Short Dress! It's impeccably perfect decorated bodice and smoothly feather-based skirt beckons you to the Golden Age of Hollywood Actresses whom historically had the flare for dramatic and glamorous looks! We currently carry this style stunning colors! Everyone will be raving about Sherri Hill 3804 when you waltz in wearing it to your Prom or Homecoming or other Special Event! Sherri Hill 3804 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Black/Gold: 0, 4 Aqua/Gold: 0, 4, 12 ..
  • Stunning Shattered Mirror Glass Designed Short Dress by Sherri Hill 1403 on Sale
    Sherri Hill 1403 in Stock The Sherri Hill 1403 Short Dress is a thrilling piece! On the bodice is featured a beautifully created "shattered glass" effect that is edgy, raw and so in! The bodice is fitted as well so that your curves will be seen, and the skirt is perfectly crafted to fit any personality! You will feel like a strong, beautiful and funky girl when you wear this dress to your Prom, Homecoming or other Special Events! So rock it out!    Sherri Hill 1403 in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Gold: 6, 8 Aqua: 8 Red: 4, 10, 12 Royal: 10, 16 White/Silver: 0, 2, 4, 6 Black/Silver: 18 Silver: 6, 10, 14 Gunmetal: 4, 10, 12       ..
    $350.00 $450.00