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  • Jovani 10740 Short Prom Dress on Sale
      Jovani 10740 Short Prom Dress on sale. Original Price $378. Our Price $199.   Jovani 10740 Short Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Red/Gold: 12     ..
    Jovani 1267 Long Prom Dress  Whether you are looking for the perfect mermaid dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses and other special occasion dresses--Jovani 1267 will surely meet all of  your standards! This Jovani 1267 is a long, gorgeous mermaid style evening dress that is the gift that keeps on giving! From the sequined lined neckline to the tiered skirt that begins from the thigh area on, this dress is perfect for Prom 2014, Homecoming 2013 and more! The flowery lace embroidery with scattered , gorgeous sequins from the bodice area until the break off point that turns into a beautifully flared and tiered skirt is breathtaking! Looking through our Prom Dresses on Sale and Prom Dresses in stock, many customers are happy that we have the mo..
  • Jovani 1392 Long Evening Prom Dress
    Jovani 1392 Long Prom Dress in Stock  This gorgeous Jovani 1392 long evening dress is pure perfection and apart of our prom dresses in stock collection! From the intricately lace-designed bodice to the sweeping train , this dress is beautiful and perfect for Prom 2014 and other special social occasions! At FiestaProm.com we are proud retailers of all Jovani Dresses and we have many Prom Dresses in stock! So look through our extensive inventory!  ..
    Jovani 1441 Long Prom Dress 2013 Jovani Prom Dresses, Jovani Evening Dreses, Jovani Formal Dresses don't get any better or sultrier than Jovani 1441! This long-sleeved dress features a high collar and a keyhole part in the bust area that gives you a sneak-peak at what's underneath! The dress itself is fitted perfectly with a high slit showing a little leg for extra sexiness! This A-Line dress also spills down gracefully as a train and the entire garment is embellished with shiny stones through and through to make it look super fabulous! When looking for prom dresses on sale, prom dresses in stock and 2014 Prom Dresses, Jovani usually is a popular choice amongst women! We have many Jovani Evening Dresses, Jovani Prom Dresses and Jovani Prom Dresses in Stock. So browse throu..
  • Jovani 158869 Short Dress on Sale
    Jovani 158869 in Stock This Jovani dress is the perfect one to wear to a Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, or  Formal Occasion! It is flirty with its sweetheart neckline, gorgeous with its chunky gemstone waistband and divalicious with its feather skirt! The whole dress from head to to is amazing! Originally $400, we have put this dress on sale for $300! It's a small price to pay for an authentic, gorgeous Designer Jovani dress!  We have this and many other Jovani Prom Dresses in Stock ! Browse through our website to discover even more Jovani Prom Dresses on sale ! Jovani 158869 in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Purple: 2, 6, 10 Turquoise: 8 ..
    Jovani 171100 Long Prom Dress 2013 When it comes to Jovani Prom Dresses, Jovani Evening Dresses and Jovani Formal Dresses, Jovani 171100 is the ultimate Evening Dress! With Criss-Cross straps , cut out sides and a mermaid style shaping, this Jovani dress is perfecct for Prom 2014!  With a high neckline and rhinestones, sequins and other special decorations sown into this dress--complete with a tullie kick out at the bottom that transforms it into  a mermaid dress is simply fabuious! Many  girls are happy when they search for Prom Dresses on sale and they find this Jovani Dress! Searching through Prom Dresses on Sale you will also find many Jovani Dresses on our website, so please browse through our many designer dresses! We encourage it and enjoy helping our..
    Jovani 2218 Long Prom Dress 2013 Jovani Prom Dresses, Jovani Evening Dresses and Jovani Formal dresses always bring it! This Jovani 2218 brings the drama and glamour in this Taffeta Mermaid Style Gown! The bodice area is covered with beautiful multi-colored gem stones that can light up a room! Whether you need Prom  Dresses in Stock, Prom Dresses on Sale, or just the perfect Evening Dress regardless of cost--Jovani Dresses has them all! Jovani 2218 Long Prom Dress in Stock : Available Colors and Sizes Black : Size 12 ..
    Jovani 2664 Long Prom Dress 2013   Jovani 2664 is a great dress for any formal occasion!! It has a nude , transparent  neckline and a nude transparent skirt that falls from a bedazzled short dress from thigh length and downwards! Besides the gorgeous bedazzlements, there is an extra touch of cute added to this dress with the large, bow made of a similar transparent material to the tullie skirt! It's cute and sexy combined!  You are looking through our website to find beautiful prom dresses on sale and beautiful prom dresses in stock, well you can't go wrong with this lovely Jovani Dress!  Jovani 2664 Long Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Black: Size 6 ..
    Jovani 4247 Long Prom Dress in Stock With a sweet heart neckline and shimmering sequins all throghout this gorgeous evening dress, the Jovani 4247 is a very appropiate dress for Prom 2014 and other special occasions! It has a high, side split that is both flattering and an extra touch of sexy with the tease of skin! When you search through our Prom Dresses in Stock, you will always find Jovani Dresses that suit your tastes. This Jovani dress and other evening dresses are in stock and ready to ship! Also,  when you search through our Prom Dresses on Sale you will find many gorgeous looks as well! So what are you waiting for? Shop away!   ..
      Jovani 4983 Long Prom Dress in Stock Jovani 4983 is a true piece of Jovani Couture! Words can barely describe how gorgeous this amazing evening gown is! The top is a gorgeously made feather-bound neckline-based bodicce that flows into a transparent and rhinestone decorated waistbelt. Then the dress transforms into many various soft layers that stand together or stand apart and fall to the ground--it is simply too gorgeous to describe! When looking through Prom Dresses in Stock, our customers are delighted to see that we have such an exiquisite evening dress in stock! This special edition Jovani Couture is one in a millon AND FiestaProm.com has made this dress apart of our Prom Dresses on Sale  event! So enjoy getting the best for less with FiestaProm.com ..
    $1,850.00 $3,000.00
    Jovani 5908 Long Prom Dress in Stock This glistening Mermaid Style Jovani Prom Dress is perfect for every occasion! This mermaid dress comes with heavy embellishements on the bodice of this strapless sweetheart cut neckline--then in the middle of the bodice there is a sheer section that gives  tease of skin! The dress then cascades downwards into a beautiful mermaid shape. When looking through our Prom Dresses in Stock, be sure to check out Jovani 5908. Whether you are in need of Evening Dresses on Sale or Prom Dresses on Sale, you can never go wrong with the Jovani Brand! Jovani 5908 Long Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes Black: Size 8 ..
    Jovani 5950 Short Prom Dress  in Stock Short and Fabulous this Jovani 5950 Short Prom Dress is the IT dress to be seen in! Whether hitting up your Prom 2014 or going to the club with the girls--this dress can do it all! The Jovani 5950 dress has a high key hole neckline , long sleeves and a mid calf dress length. There are multi-toned sequins that give it that extra pow of fabulousness and will glow in the dark!1 Whether you need prom dresses on sale, party dresses on sale or short dresses on sale--Jovani 5950 is a great dress for you! ..
    Jovani 6436 Long Prom Dress 2013 Jovani 6436 is a gorgeous formal dress appropiate for most occasions! This is an A-Line Evenig Dress that comes strapless and features a sparkling cut out in one of the dress. It is classy, sexy and exciting! When looking for Prom Dresses on Sale and Prom Dresses in Stock, be sure to check out all of our Jovani Collection first! ..
    Jovani 6513 Long Prom Dress in Stock Sequins and elaborate embroidery cover  this gorgeous Jovani 6513 dress from head to toe!  The Eveving gown comes in a sweetheart cut neckline and cascades towards the gown into a mermaid gown shape beautifully. When looking through our Prom dresses on Sale and Prom Dresses in Stock, people's eyes usually fall onto a Jovani Evening Gown. So take a good look at Jovani 6513--as we will probably sell out soon since it is such a gem! ..
    Jovani 727 Long Prom Dress 2013 ..
  • Jovani 7750 Long Gown on Sale
    Jovani 7750 Long Prom Gown on Sale. Regular Price $700. Our Price $500. Look Glimmery and Glam in this lovely bed of sequins Jovani 7750 long prom gown. It is Prom , Homecoming and Wedding season so a gown like this would be perfect for any such event! It's  a strapless beauty that is fitted and embellished with beautiful silver and gold colored sequins. They catch the light perfectly at every angle and break off past the waist line towards the leg area where it creates a pleated look with the white garment. It is beautifully executed and perfect for the sophisticated yet stylish woman . We have placed this lovely gown in our Prom Dresses on Sale Special Clearance Event that has got everyone buzzing! We need to make way for our new Jovani 2014 Prom Dresses so this piece has bee..
  • Jovani 7978 Short Prom Dress on Sale
    Jovani 7978 Short Prom Dresses in Stock The Feathers, Gemstones , Animal Print oh my! The Jovani 7978 dress has it all in one little exquisite dress and its a beautiful combination! The bodice is cut in a sweetheart style and decorated in a gorgeous leopard animal print. Then, the waistband is a beautiful, gemstone-lined band that illuminates your figure and dazzles as well! Finally, the feathered skirt is well constructed and long enough to be noticed and short enough to make sure your legs get a lot of notice ! You can never go wrong when you wear this dress to your Prom,  Homecoming or any type of Special Event! Normally the price is $800, but we have slashed the prices and brought it down to just $600--wow!! We have many prom dresses on sale  and prom dresses in stock ..
  • Jovani 88361 Short Prom Dress on Sale
      Jovani 88361 Short Prom Dress on Sale. Regular Price $440. Our price $299. Look cute and glimmering in this fantastic Jovani 88361 Short Prom Dress. This studded-gem stoned dress has a sharp attitude and a great look to it! The sweet heart cut neckline combined with the mid-calf length  dress and the studded decorations gives it a real girl power, edgy feel to it. So if you are planning to go to your Prom or Homecoming Event and you want everyone to know that you are fabulous, strong and edgy--this is the dress for you! We are making space for our new Jovani 2014 Prom Dresses so we have decided to lower the prices on our Jovani Dresses in Stock! Originally $440 we have lowered the price to only $299 ! It's a great deal for a great dress! We have many more prom dresse..
    Jovani 9420 Long Prom Dress 2013 ..
    Jovani 944 Long Prom Dress 2013 ..
  • Stunning Short Sequined  Dress  by Jovani 4276 on Sale
    Jovani 4276   in Stock Jovani Prom/Homecoming Dresses in Stock    This beautiful fitted  Jovani 4276 dress is an excellent and elegant addition to any stylish woman's  wardrobe. It is a short sexy dress that is sequined beautifully on a nude mesh material. It will flatter your body and make you look like a goddess! It would be the perfect dress to wear to your Prom/ Homecoming Event! We have put this dress in our Prom Dresses on Sale Special Clearance Sale! Originally $800 ,  we have put it on sale for $750! Don't miss out on this great oppurtunity to own this dress for less!   ..