Sherri Hill 2220 Short Dress on Sale

Brand: Sherri Hill
Price: $260.00

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Sherri Hill 2220 Dress in Stock 

This Sherri Hill 2220 Dress is perfect for your Prom or Homecoming or other Special Occassions because of how it's styled and cut so perfectly. It's a ribbed dress that exaggerates all of your curves and makes your figure look amazing! It has three openings in the back that shows a little tease of skin that takes it from the average sleek dress to a little sexy and sleek dress! We have decided to put this dress on sale to help people afford the best for less! Originally $260 we have placed it on sale for only $170!!

Sherri Hill 2220 Short Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes

Red: 10, 14 , 16

Black: 4, 6, 10



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