Blush Prom 9149 Short Prom Dress on Sale

Brand: Blush
Price: $258.00

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Blush Prom 9149 Short Prom Dress in Stock

For the sheer beautiful explosion of lush colors , you should buy this Blush Prom 9149 dress! Perfect for any Prom or Homecoming event that is right around the corner! The silver bodice of this dress is styled perfectly, features a one-strap and is simply breathtaking. The colors of orange. pink and yellow that blend together loudly and well seals the deal! But the news gets better--we have put this dress in our special Prom Dresses on Sale Clearance Event! Originally $258, we have put this dress on sale for only $149!! To find more wonderful deals, please look through our Prom Dresses on Sale!

Blush Prom 9149 Short Prom Dress in Stock: Available Colors and Sizes

Coral/Multi: 6, 8


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